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Stainless Steel Water Jet Cutter

Brand : HEAD

Product origin : Liaoning, China(mainland)

Delivery time : 25 days

Supply capacity : 30 sets per month

Why choose water jet cut metal?

The reason for the waterjet can cut any material because it uses water and abrasive. The main materials include copper, brass, aluminum, pre-hardened steel, mild steel, titanium, Inconel, 304 stainless steel, glass, ceramic, quartz, stone, laminate, flammable materials. Water knife is tempered glass. Because tempered glass is under pressure, as soon as we start cutting it, it breaks into small pieces - just as it was designed.

Common advantages over other cutting methods: no thermal deformation, safer, environmentally friendly, less material waste.

The part generates little heat

The only heat generated during the cutting process is absorbed by the water and brought into the collection tank. The material itself has almost no temperature changes during processing. When penetrating 2 "(5 cm) thick steel, the temperature can reach 120 ° F (50 ° C), but in other cases it is processed at room temperature.

The result is no HAZ on the material. The absence of HAZ means that we can machine the machine without hardening the material, producing toxic fumes, recasting or warping. We can also process parts that have been heat treated.



All grades of stainless steel can be cut easily on the HEAD Water Jet, even those such as 304 that are difficult to machine with other processes without heat or distortion. A heat affected zone can weaken integrity of a part and lead to failure. The lack of any HAZ makes the abrasivejet process particularly attractive to those producing food processing and handling equipment or the aerospace industry. Polished or reflective surfaces do not negatively affect the abrasivejet process as they might with a laser cutting system.

Advantages of Cutting Metal with Waterjet:

(Stainless Steel Water Jet Cutter)

• No material deformation caused by heat
• No hardening of the material along the cut edge
• No changes to the metal structure
• No heat affected zones (HAZ)
• No hazardous fumes or vapors

• None or minimal need for reworking

Metal sample

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