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Decorative Water Jet Cutter

Brand : HEAD

Product origin : Liaoning, China(mainland)

Delivery time : 25 days

Supply capacity : 30 sets per month

Decorative Water Jet Cutter

Marble Medallions cut by waterjet in different shapes, with combination of different materials form a pretty and durable pattern to decorate the lobby of the commercial buildings or houses. Marble Medallions come in circular or square shapes, and can be made as big as you design. You can choose from our designs or customize the Marble Medallions with your own drawings .

Compared to saws and CNCs, the thin cutting width of the waterjet allows almost any design to be cut into perfect. Use a water jet to easily cut the sink and faucet holes and the complex corners on the edge of the board. The waterjet improves material utilization, reduces costs and increases profits.
The main advantages of cutting stone and tiles with waterjet

Improve productivity, fast cutting and high quality parts
The smallest cut, the most meticulous and artistic pattern
Raw material savings - reduce waste
Low operating costs - Sprinkler and abrasive focus nozzles need to be replaced occasionally
Omni-directional cutting, even at the corner
Do not need a lot of parts clamping, the smallest horizontal force or vertical force
One-way cutting, depending on material thickness
Net or near net cut, with little or no hand finishing
Reduce tool costs, lighter and more flexible tools.

HEAD specially designed for the interior decoration of waterjet cutting can solve your problems, save costs and improve productivity

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